Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is crying a sign of strength or weakness?

How hard it is to follow instructions.

I think no one really enjoys following instructions. We often become frustrated when we fail to do so. Honestly, most of us prefer to use their own ideas, opinions or thoughts how to solve a problem or to work on a project. We don't really like people telling us what to do.

With that I don't mean that instructions are completely wrong but I need to understand why I should follow and how I can apply them. In a perfect world, instructions are only made for one reason because someone before you found a 'good' way in dealing with a project.

But I definitely condemn submissive behaviour. Being obedient means not being an independent-mindet and critical thinking individual.

We always need room for our personal freedom, creativity and thoughts. Otherwise there would be no learning, no progress and no development in our world.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

The expression is a paraphrase of Andy Warhol’s 1968 statement: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  In 1979 Warhol reiterated his claim: “…my prediction from the Sixties finally came true: In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” Becoming bored with continually being asked about this particular statement, Warhol attempted to confuse interviewers by changing the statement variously to “In the future 15 people will be famous” and “In 15 minutes everybody will be famous.”
Warhol’s comment and the insight it expressed emerged from his own fascination with fame and celebrities. His view of the media was that they could enable any person to become famous. Warhol’s own shifting entourage of otherwise undistinguished hangers-on in the ’60s and ’70s, whom he dubbed his “Superstars,” exemplified his idea of ephemeral, disposable celebrity.

I personally would love tob e famous by good deeds. I would love to be given attention with something good i've done for someone else and make that person's life better.

Letting Go.

How do you walk away from someone you love
And take the road of friend;
Can you reroute the course you have taken
And start over once again?

I don't really want to let you go
But inside me I know I must;
The times we've loved . . . the times you've left
My heart says stay . . . but it's my mind I must trust.

We have shared so much together
Laughter . . . fun times . . . tears;
Yet sometimes we can't turn back time
We must walk away, and allow ourselves to heal.

I know one day you will be happy
And your soulmate you will find;
I know we each have one out there
Even if for now . . . only in our minds.

May life be gentle with you
May God's best come your way;
And on some quiet tomorrow
You will realize things were better this way.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A skill set called leadership

I must say, I’m not sure that I possess this skill set as of yet. I would like to…. But, I’m not sure I have it in me right now.  You see, leadership is about being persuasive, having a vision and strategy, being able to make quick decisions, communicating, developing and planning.
As a student who is about to embark on the “real” world, I feel these qualities will come in time? I hope!  Right now it is my feeling that as a youngster going into the industry, my leadership qualities are surely not very high as I still need to learn, grow and find my own feet right?
There are many people in the world who possess a high skill set of leadership…. Mandela…. Margaret Thatcher…. Obama…. and even the long passed Princess Di.  These people possess leadership!! I hope that I will be able to rock mad leadership skills like these amazing people one day.  What I do know? It’ll take time… LOTS of practice and perhaps balls?? Being a leader is not easy… but I am pretty sure we’re all willing to give it a shot.

Rock Journalism

Rock journalism is journalists that write about metal music. Not the normal classic, jazz music.

“Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read” I totally disagree with this statement. It is important for the “rock journalists” to know their music.

My opinion is that I think it is harder to be a rock journalist. Firstly the journalist must be fond of rock music. Rock stars is a culture on its own, people must love rock music to understand the culture of rock stars. Rock journalists must be part of this unique culture. They must report to the public about the music and through the articles they explain actually the culture to the public. Most youngsters understand the culture of rock stars. I believe they enjoy articles of rock journalists. The media must cater for the young people as well; why not write about the things they are interested?

Rock journalists, must know the different rock star groups, they must know the different types of instruments they use. In every song, there is a message. Rock stars do have a message in their music, and in my opinion I don’t think a plain journalist would be able to see the message, understand the message and to write about the message in the song.

Rock journalists rock the hell out of the other journalists!

200 Achievements!!

1.      Being born in 04-08-1987
2.      I Passed My Matric with good results i think
3.      I did my three years like i planned in Tertiary
4.      I got a certificate as one of the top three Communication Science Students
5.      Got my Diploma in 2009
6.      Qualifying for Btech
7.      Accepted at CPUT to do my Btech
8.      Got to 21 years without being on a bad side of my parents
9.      Being asked to do a speech on 21st birthday
10.  Being able to buy myself a cellphone with my own money
11.  Getting a place to do my inservice training
12.  Getting my first salary
Still trying to achieve more in my life hoping to get to 200 by next year….

What Motivates Me!!

God Himself is a great Motivator in my life. I read this story from my aunt's religious book and whenever i lose hope in life i always refer to it. This story infuses strenth in me to conitnue living my life with hope. It goes:
One night a man/woman had a dream that he was
walking along the beach with the Lord.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each
scene, he noticed two sets
of footprints in the sand; one belonging to him, the
other belonging to the Lord.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he
looked back at the
footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times
along the path of his life
there was only one set of footprints, and that it
happened at the very lowest
and saddest times in his life...

This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord
about it.
"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you'd walk with me all the way.
But during the most troublesome times in my like,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why when I needed you most,
you would leave me."

The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child. I Love
you, (Name), and I would never
leave you. During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of
footprints, it was then that I carried you."

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here I stand.

I stand bef0re a f0rk in the r0ad.
Wonderin?. .
Should i g0 left 0r right? Do i venture the path travelled 0r the side that's neva been t0uched?
Either way i d0nt kn0w where i'll end up
S0 i thr0w up my handz as i fall t0 my kneez
Dear Lord hear my cry, for i'm in need. My feet are at a stand still and cant proceed.
I've journeyd s0 far and i've given s0 much. I refuse t0 let my s0ul give up.
Love has dealt me many handz and i've managed alright. .
I'm n0t giving up the fight but this is a p0int 0f no return, that affects the rest 0f my life.
Guide me Lord to where i should be because only You kn0w.
Amen. .

Be Greatful.

I've read thIs somewhere jus wanted to share.....

There was a blind gal who hated herself and evry1, except her loving boyfrnd who always ther 4 her.

She told her boyfrnd, if i cud only c the world i wl marry u.

One day... Someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to c everythng, including her bf.

He asked her " now that u can c da world standwa sam wil u marry me?"

the gal looked at her bf & saw that he was blind, the sight of hs closed eyelids shockd her. She hasnt expected that, the thot of lookin at them the rest of her lyf led her to refuse to marry him.

Her bf left in tearz & days later he left a note to her saying " take gud care of my eyes, before they wer yourz they wer mine"

Ths is how human brain often works wen our status changes, only a few remembr wat life was b4 & who was always by their side in the most dark and painful situations....

Life is a gift we shud embrace it.

Today b4 u say any cruel word, thnk of sum1 who cnt speak.

B4 u complain about ur taste of ur food, thnk of sum1 who has nthng to eat.

B4 u complain about ur woman/man thnk of sum1 who's cryng to God for a companion.

B4 u complain about hw unfair lyf is, thnk of some1 who neva had an opportunity to live so long as u.

B4 u complain about your parents, thnk of sum1 who neva knew theirs.

B4 u complain & tired of your job. Thnk of those unemployed, disabled and those who wish they had yo own.

B4 u complain abt costy ur children are, thnk of sum1 who desires children bt they re barren.

B4 u argue about ur dirty house sum1 ddnt clean o swp, or complainin abt how small is it, thnk of those ppl who lives in da streets.

And wen depressing thots seem to get u down, put a smile on ur face and thank God u are live and stil around...

If My Life Was A Song. The Title Would B GrateFul!!!

10 most unexpected consequences of being online:

In recent weeks I discovered the true power of, it’s amazing- full of wonderful surprises.

10 most unexpected consequences of being online:

1. Spending so much time on social media- your day flies by and you forget to live.
2. Trying to complete your work and all of a sudden a new video pops into your notification box recommended by your friend a must see.
3. Being sucked into the online world.
4. Become a robot after sitting hours on end on the pc.
5. Find a really interesting article that really blows your mind.
6. Using online to currently be up to date internationally and at the end of the week, blown away by how much you’ve actually learnt.
7. Just love listen to the new girl Zahara,s album
8. random guy inviting me on from another country saying his coming to South Africa on holiday and would like to visit- really a ton bit weird.
9. Creating an unconscious online persona.
10. Receiving spam on gmail and after weeks only you decide to get frustrated.

Elephant in the Room

There's an elephant in the room
It is large and squatting, so it is hard to get around it.
Yet we squeeze by with, "How are you?" and "I'm fine."
And a thousand other forms of trivial chatter.
We talk about the weather.
We talk about work.
We talk about everything else-except the elephant in the room.

There's an elephant in the room.
We all know it is there.
We are thinking about the elephant as we talk.
It is constantly on our minds.
For you see, it is a very big elephant.
But we do not talk about the elephant in the room.
Oh, please, say his name.
Oh, please, let's talk about the elephant in the room.
For if we talk about his death,
Perhaps we can talk about his life.

Can I say "Dad" and not have you look away?
For if I cannot, you are leaving me
In a room...
With an elephant.

Conventional is a good fall back position.

Yes, conventional is a good fallback position because then you don’t stir the water, but you loose out on life’s excitement and experiences.

Who wants to loose out on the excitements and experiences life surprises you with…I for one, would rather take the up’s and down’s and curveballs life throws at me than be conventional. How boring mustn’t it be just to be who you are and nothing more or nothing less…being too afraid of trying something new, stepping away when someone gives you a challenge because your too afraid of failure.

Haven’t anyone told you that failure and disappointment is all part of life…yes we get hurt but that is the only way we learn how to do it better and become stronger. Life has so much excitement and experience that we must grab onto, test and enjoy and the last thing we must be is conventional…stir the water it may even become a storm, no matter how stormy the weather is, there is always sunshine on the horizon.

Saying Goodbye!!

He was someone’s son, brother, friend and uncle. And he was taken from us in a very brutal way.

Now it is all about asking questions and try and understand, but we will never get the right answers…someone came and took this super hero’s life from him when he couldn’t protect his own.

The most difficult part of saying goodbye is seeing those closest to him become weak, have no control over their emotions. For me it will always be the father figure who has to be the strongest and to see such a strong man crumble of pain really bring one back to reality…people die, but why?
Who gives someone else the right to come and take someone’s life, don’t they realise that person has a family and friends who will be left behind with sadness and questions…and that bring me to the thought of are we giving them the right to destroy what is ours, why don’t we fight back and claim our safety back, what are our world coming to and why are we letting it go this far?

He was a legend and may his legendary memories live on forever…as they said on his funeral, forget me not but let me go…we will never forget the good times.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everyday is a good day!!

Everyday we wake up and have the power to determine how our day is going to be. We can choose to wake up on the right side of the bed and make the most out of the day ahead, regardless of the weather, appointments scheduled for the day or the deadlines we have to meet.

Each day brings another opportunity for us to right the wrong in our lives and turn each day into not only a good day but a great day. So often it is easy to wake up and think and feel the worst and dread getting out of our warm beds and facing reality, but we never know what the day will bring, who we will meet and whose life we may make an impression on.

Everyday is a good day to touch, feel and taste new experiences, each day we grow, not only physically but emotionally, each day we learn more about ourselves and our friends, everyday is a good day.

Everyday is a good day to meet new people, listen to a new song, buy a new outfit, eat a new seasonal fruit, paint our toe nails a new colour and even hear a new joke. Life is simply too short not to maximise every opportunity we have, to have a good day!

Our greatest strength is our weakess!!

The first thing I thought of when I read this was the saying “with great power comes great responsibility” because if one's greatest strength if not maintained and used in a positive way could turn out to be his greatest weakness.

So often it is seen that when people have a certain amount of power they don’t always use it in the most positive way.

My greatest strength is that I am very kind, yet it is also my greatest weakness. Now you might be thinking how on earth can someone be too kind, but the truth is it has got me into trouble plenty of times, I have no poker face so if someone asks me for something i give them or want my help i give them.

Another of my greatest strengths and weaknesses is my ability to continuously speak my mind. I am often told I call a spade a shovel and that I have no tact. Even though I know being honest is the best way, I need to know when to bite my tongue and when not to because what I say can often be hurtful and mean without me even realising.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Try a Cliche

Life is short, so we need to try new things. Why not try a cliché? Come on… what is the worst that can happen? It is as easy as pie, but if you struggle, I will even lend you a hand. Many hands make light work and we have all the time in the world!
It can be a win-win situation if you offer to return the favour. I’ll cut the chase and get right to the point: I’m in the dog box, it is as clear as writing on the wall! See money is the root of all evil and that is what got me under. I tried to push my luck and robbed Peter to pay Paul. I know I should have left sleeping dogs lie, but life is a bitch and so is she and I believe it isn’t over till the fat lady sings.
See, there is this girl I know, but we don’t see eye to eye. If her looks could kill I would have been 10-feet-under. Her dad laughs all the way to the bank, but she never puts her money where her mouth is. She is going to end up just like him because in this case the acorn does not fall far from the tree. It’s okay though, money does not buy you happiness so she will get what she deserves. If that girl doesn’t pull up her socks, she will find herself on the bench – alone, miserable, deprived, lonely, and all that jazz. She can have all the money in the bank, but with a sour face, she will be the one who is all dressed up and has nowhere to go. That girl needs to come back to earth and realize that all that glitters isn’t gold!
We will have to keep our eyes peeled to see when the coast is clear and quickly think outside the box on how we will give her a taste of her own medicine. As soon as I have all my ducks in a row, we can go back to square one and everything will be as good as gold.
Last but not least, I will be as free as a bird because that is the way that lady luck dances.
What? You still need pearls of wisdom with trying out clichés? In your dreams!

Ink & Bling: Destructive Or Creative?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and nowadays we see it decorated with colourful designs and metal studs and rings. For years, people have been decorating their bodies with tattoos, piercing and other forms of body art for a number of reasons. It is interesting to know that the origin, symbolism and variety of these body decorations are more than skin deep!
Years and years ago, tattoos and piercing were used by tribal clans for artistic expressions or to donate social and marital status and express religious beliefs. The Polynesian people are known for the most artistic tattooing of ancient times. They added more and more tattoos to their skin until they were totally covered. The reason thereof was because they saw it as a sign of beauty and strength. The Mexicans, too, were famous for their tattoo designs as they started to ink the faces of their idols and gods on their skins.
Polynesian tattoos
People get tattooed or pierced for various reasons. For some it is about the excitement and pleasure, for others it is about self-expression and social significance. Others get tattooed or pierced to identify a significant change in their life or for it to serve as a memory of some kind, for example a tragedy that the individual had to overcome or for the death of a loved one. Pain also plays a role with body art. All people experience some sort of pain in their life. Tattoos, specifically, are often used to overcome the pain (one pain takes over another) or to express the pain they are suffering.
The youth are mostly influenced to getting their skin decorated and the media plays a huge role. During your youth years, you are trying to identify yourself in the world – who you are and what you want to be like. They often turn to their role models to find their identity. Most celebrities and role models had some type of body art done and the youth follow their style in order to identify with them. Famous tattooed and pierced role models include Angelina Jolie Pitt, the Backstreet Boys, Janet Jackson, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Vin Diesel, Johnny Depp… the list goes on and on. See the for more.

Celebrity tattoos
Although body art is a very creative and symbolic way to express oneself, it is not always seen in positive light. In the Bible, Moses forbids any paintings or cuttings of the flesh in Leviticus 19:28; the Roman and Japanese Emperors had laws against tattoos; and even the over-expressive French had a national law against tattoos in 1869. People (mostly parents) are very against the act of decorating the skin. Both piercings and tattooing can cause medical problems of some sort which includes infections, chipping of teeth and scared body tissue. It is also seen as being destructive to your body – like anorexia, bulimia and obesity. I think the most negative part of having body art is that it affects our professional image. We have all established that first impressions lasts – what will an interviewer think when you walk in with skulls on your arms and a ring through your nostrils? The business world is conservative and that is the way we are suppose to look. Right? Maybe not…
Times are changing and the world (including people’s perceptions on body art) should change with it. Almost every has, or has temped, to get a tattoo or piercing. Personally, I have 6 piercings: 2 in each earlobe, one in my Tragus (the small part of cartilage just in front of the opening of the ear) and one in my navel. I am also really passionate about getting a tattoo at some stage – but the tattoo needs to mean something to me so I am waiting for a sign or significant event before I get one. Although I am Christian (and grossed out with the extreme forms of body art on some people) I am not against tattoos and piercings. I think that it is a unique way of expressing, accepting and understanding yourself.What body art do you have and if you do/don’t, what is the reason? No answer can be right or wrong. You are free to be yourself and to express your in a way that makes you feel comfortable

It is better to practise a little than talk a lot.

…unless your job is only to talk, which is highly unlikely.
This topic made me curious about the statistics surrounding the truth in what people say. When someone says they are going to do something, how often is that statement half-hearted and how often do we actually mean what we say? If anyone has any info of a study on this topic please let me know in the comment thread below…
Daily we subconsciously scan the attitudes and characteristics of people to determine whether they are just ‘blabber-mouths’ or if they really are going to do as they say. It’s a human defence mechanism, if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t worry about who to trust and who not to trust.
Blabber mouth by Planta
We generally find it easier to have confidence in people when they walk their talk. Isn’t it so that you more often than not disregard what people promise if you have no proof or experience of them  sticking to their word?
It is altogether a good thing to be human, especially because this way of judging a person’s character can bring surprises too (That is of course if they actually DO end up walking their talk).
What we should strive to do is believe in people and encourage them to bring to life their words. Tell them you are excited to see them craft their thoughts and that speech into action. If that doesn’t work try reverse psychology*.
Truth is, that the time it takes for you to spin a story about amazing things you are going to achieve, is directly proportional to the time it would take to practice a little toward actually reaching that goal.
If the goal you’re striving toward includes the learning of a skill or is simply defined by a trial and error process, you better get practicing! (If I was a douche-bag this line would have been replaced by a cliché saying, about practice.)
*Known to work specifically well when used on the male human species.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding cake in the middle of the road

I think this means story time…
It’s the day of the wedding and Betony, the wedding coordinator, is praying for the day to end and for this wedding to end. Betony has had the worst time arranging the wedding  as she had to deal with a bride and groom from hell, A.K.A Bridezille and Groomzille.
So many changes were made all the time that nothing was set in stone until about a week ago. Everything had to be done in a very short period of time and Betony had conquered it all, well the only thing left was picking up the wedding cake.
The wedding starts in half an hour and Betony is on the way back with the cake in her van when she realises she has flat tyre. She calls a friend to come help her change the tyre and decides to remove the cake from the van to do so. Luckily it was easy to move cause it was on a tray with wheels. Whilst the wheel is being removed and fitted with a new one a slight breeze comes past at the same time the bride’s limo drives past and realises her weeding cake in the middle of the road.
What do you think happened to Betony?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is about experiencing new things

I just watched the movie, The life of Benjamin Button, featuring Brad Pitt and remembered that life is about experiencing new things and not taking the people in it for granted. I thank God everyday for what he has blessed me with and the lessons I have learnt and have yet to learn.
Experiencing new things, is what I love about life. I make a point of doing this at least once or twice a month if not more from eating at a new restaurant, to going to go watch a show at the artsacape to trying a new club to party at, to helping out at a charity.
In my life so far and where I am at, I want to make sure that if I had to look back, I wouldn’t hear myself saying what if but why not! Brad Pitt or Benjamin Button character says in a letter to his daughter for her to live a full life and don’t be afraid of change, it is never too late. So please go out and try some sushi or take that trip in July to travel or spend it doing a missionary mission in Mozambique.
What ever it is just make sure you will look back one day and smile! :)

Poor idea to lie to yourself

This topic is sooo me! I have done this since I was 13 years old, when I refused to listen to people and wore an outfit that looked hideous and I lied to myself saying that I looked great (when instead I knew I was just wearing my favourite items in my wardrobe and didn’t care if they matched) eeew makes me cringe thinking about it.
I also think it is a poor idea to lie to yourself when you tell yourself just one more slice of that cake wont hurt- indulge by all means but remember the line.
Another time in my life that comes to mind that was a really poor idea was when I stayed in a not so great relationship. It was a safety zone and lying to myself kept me there.  So how do you know when you are lying to yourself, is when you hear your gut and subconscious voice telling you so and you ignore it.
So my advice is learn from your mistakes or try and don’t forget the lessons learnt whether from a bad outfit choice to that guy you thinking of staying in a relationship with. Life is too short to spend it in a ‘lie’ or lying to yourself.

Seasons of the Earth

As I lay in my bed eyes wide open, 01:00 am to be exact. The wind was creating its own music outside and my heart and spirit found it so soothing and comforting to listen to. I than realized how all four seasons of the earth minister to us! Yes all four seasons have a place in our lives. Summer; Winter; Autumn and Spring. These seasons were all created by God for His divine purpose, which is not only physical but has a spiritual manifestation! The wind, rain, sun are a sign and give an indication as to what God is doing and where is He taking us to.

Even though there might be drought in Summer, the leaves may fall in Autumn and storms in Winter! All of these seasons are needed as a process or procedure we have to go through so that we can enter into and be ready for Spring, where flowers are bright and coloured and are ready to open up to the rays of sunlight. God will surely put us in these seasons to teach us, inspire us and develop our character, so that He is able to bless us and for us to be a blessing to others. As we enter each new season, we enter in hope and expectancy knowing and believing God’s presence is always there.

I love how David describes this. “I saw the Lord always before me, because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices, my body will also live in hope.” (Acts2: 25-26). As all four seasons are Heaven sent, we should not be afraid to face each one, but instead we should trust, be confident in and rely upon GOD to see us through each one….That is when we will gain victory!

The sound of one hand clapping!!

The sound of one hand clapping is change. When something happens no matter how insignificant it is the universe changes in some way.
Think about any small thing that you do and  how if affects everyone else.
A simple greeting can change someone's whole day, there by affecting everyone around you. It means one has to be confident in his or her own.  doing that can rub on everyone else and eventually new things will fall into place slowly changing one thoughts. Or action at a time,
Changing everything and everyone around you.
From there it's just the domino effect,
One by one changing the universe.
So now I'll ask you,
"What's the sound of one hand clapping,

A skill set called leadership

I believe this is a very important skill, as BTech student I am learning about what manager role entails and its function within an organisation. As we come to an end of this year, many lecturers are now bringing in what the purpose of what we learnt this year was, from learning about people, cultures, female vs. male race and understanding them. The function of monitoring the media and how to go about filtering through research and endless literature reviews. This all ties in to function of a manager with out all the above mentioned aspects one cannot be one.
It is important not only in industry but in my own life to be a leader- without short and long-term goals one cannot have vision and work towards something, whether it be from job to getting own car. The greatest example of a leader to me is Nelson Mandela. This being that he was a leader for the people, he applied himself fully to what he believed in from way he spoke to people to decision he made in country’s affairs. One can see this through the movie invictus to know what I’m talking about.

Not all who wander are lost.

Not all who wonder are lost

Which road suits you best, which road is more desirable, satisfactory for you? There are two kinds of roads. The first road is wider and the second road which is narrow. The wider road looks beautiful and when you walk on its ground it is soft, with no rocky patches making it difficult for you to stumble and fall upon. The narrow road, when you look at it for the first time, it is not desirable and does not smell attractive, it is not smooth at all, it is full of rocky patches and thorns, that will cause you to say ouch! God knows how many times. If you were ever to be given the opportunity which road would you wonder upon and not get lost?

You are not alone...

You are not forsaken

Have you ever heard of this song, “Be my love when the fire is low, when the fire is low, when the fire is low, when the fire is low”? This song is sung by the South African group Freshly Ground.
We were created to be human beings that desire relationships, to be loved, to always feel the secure warmth of another person. Look at a six month year old baby that cries, if you leave that babe unattended to it will cry and cry and only stop crying until you put it in your arms.

The world that we live in, this earth is ever changing; the climate change, the economy goes into recession and comes out of recession, there’s always something new in the fashion industry and our relationships are ever changing as well. It is not a solid ground to stand on; because one is never sure of what kind ground it will be the following hour.
We are rejected, put to shame or disappointed by this world.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”, Hebrews 5:5, this quotation is taken from the Holy Bible. It is a promise made to us by God for His people. In all things, in our lives whether it might be sweet and the next day becomes sour. Where we will find ourselves to be in a roller coaster ride of an ever changing world, there is one source that we can trust and rely upon, a source that remains solid, a source that is unchanging.

“In the beginning (before all time) was the Word (Christ) and Christ was with God and the Word was God. All things were made and came into existence through Him and without Him, was not even one thing made that has come into being.” John1:1-3.
God is an unchanging source of hope, an unending satisfaction of joy. Whatever height your wave might be, let God the be the boat that will see you into a solid ground. Take courage, believe and trust in His promise when He says: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

How do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?

For me Stepping off a 100-feet pole means to take a risk. This is when you have been pondering about doing something, procrastinating, thinking and deciding and rethinking your options. Stepping off the 100-feet pole means that you finally say GO! to yourself. You do not know the outcome and you might fail and hit the ground hard, but you take that step with courage in your heart.
It also means starting over – you have reached that top position in your company and then you get retrenched or you make a drastic career change. Or you finished your BTech degree in Public Relations and then you start studying in another industry all over again. You literally need to start climbing from the pavement again, step by step.
But at this moment in time, it has a specific meaning to my life. Climbing up the pole means counting down the days and waiting in anticipation until someone returns to you. When they return, you have reached the top of the pole and you stay there for as long as you can – viewing the world like never seen before, holding on to each moment of togetherness. Stepping off that 100-feet pole (for me) was to say goodbye and hitting the bottom ground along with the departure.
How do you step off that 100-feet pole and survive the fall? You get right up and start climbing all over again. Just like song says:
“I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never gonna keep me down”
I’m glad to announce that I am climbing again! Up… up… up… up…
I’m on my second step (day) up the pole of return and counting down the days untill I need to take that leap again. What pole are you climbing? Or are you standing at the top… pondering… trembling…

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About Me


This is usually very tricky for me whem someone ask who am i. To keep it simple, i think of myself as a laidback, sweet, honest and a loving person. I love people seeing them happy and making them happy makes me happy and humbles me. Some of my friends think i am stubborn, opinionated and proud lol. I have seen a lot through the journey of life and i continue to learn. I'm not perfect and i do not live to be nor will i pretend to be someone i'm not. I do not like to be around people who are always negetive. I am a motivated and determined person.
My social views are conservative, my political views are liberal. I chose to study PR 5 years ago because i loved the communication side of it, and i was interested in marketing and advertising. That is basically where i would like to see myself doing. I am a strong believer in Christ who infuses the strength in me.

We are what we do... Are we?

I have seen many people being labeled by what they are or what they have done. If someone had raped he will forever be called "the one who raped" People hold grudges, it is hard for them to let the past be. How can some be motivated to change his/her ways if people cannot motivate him/her. Even when it is clearly written in the bible that "it is not for us to judge" but we do gudge each other. There are criminals who can change their ways if only there were people who tell them that they are not what they do. Because they are called and labelled by what they do they really think that it who they are or what they were meant to be in life. Let us stop labelling people by the wrong things they do it is not for us to judge!!

A letter to ME!!

Don't Worry I'm Fine:
Thanks for Asking

Dear Nomnqweno,

      You need this because right now, no one else will. You've worked so hard throughout your life, and all of the hard work will pay off. You're gonna be stronger as a person and more apt at dealing with things. Remember that just because nobody tells you doesn't mean you're not beautiful. Whenever you feel ugly, remember the feeling you get when the sun shines brightly on your face. It's okay to feel needy sometimes. It's okay to want more than what you have. It's okay to want to hear that you're beautiful, just know that when it doesn't come, you're still beautiful anyway. It's okay to want someone to hold the door open and let you in first and it's okay to want someone to open the car door for you. Just know that when they don't, you can do it yourself-- you're perfectly capable. It's okay that you want nothing more than for someone to tell you that the sound of your voice, your smile. or even just your prescence brightens their day. And when they don't, remember the feeling you get when you look into your own eyes-- it's all you baby. Don't expect anyone to look into your eyes and plan their future with you in it. Nomnqweno, when you feel like you're being judged, remember the feeling you get looking out at the ocean and realizing that there's a whole world out there. It's okay to want someone to tell you that they want to be with you forever, spend evey single night with you for the rest of time. When they don't, remember that only you can promise yourself forever and that the future must only be written in pencil-- you never know what tomorrow may bring. When you're lying there in his arms, wondering whether or not you really deserve so much more than your small, little world has to offer, remember that it's okay to cry.

                                                            Love always and forever

We are afraid of the wrong things

How often we must bear the challenges of life;
The endless roller coaster between happiness and sorrow;
The constant ups and downs of daily strife.
And always the question remains .... why?

Life is not an easy road for most;
It twists and turns with many forks in the road,
Although always, and inevitably, we are given a choice ...

Do we turn to the right ... or the left?
Do we take the high road ... or the low road?
Do we take the easy path ... or the difficult one?

Decisions are not easy for those struggling for direction ...
And sometimes the many choices and signs become overwhelming.

While standing at a crossroads in life,
The urge is to take the most comfortable path;
The road with least resistance ...
The shortest or most traveled route.

And yet, if we've been down that comfortable road before;
Have gleaned its lessons in life, and learned from our experiences;

Do we yet again follow the known?
Or does our destiny lie in another direction?

The fear of the road less traveled is tangible and all too real;
It manifests itself in many ways,
And tends to cloud the issues that might otherwise be clear.

It is in these times of confusion,
That we must seek peace and solitude;

Time to contemplate on our life,
Our experiences and our choices past;
Time to look back, and reflect on what we have learned
Without fear or confusion.

For only each of us knows our own personal thoughts;
Our unique past and personal history;
The experiences that brought us to the crossroads we now face.

We can always learn a small degree from others experiences,
And yet ... no one person can walk in our shoes,
Others know not, the trials and tribulations faced in private ...

For each is individual ... unique ... and personal.

And that is why ... while standing at a crossroads,
Only "we" can formulate the decision for ourselves;
The true direction that lies within;
The choices we must deliberate on with clarity and wisdom.

For it is only through personal reflection,
That we can now choose our destiny;
... Our next adventure;
... And the future we will embrace.

Fish falling from the sky

This sounds wierd how can fish from the sky?
I look at it in a different pespective, there is another ocean that we tend to forget about which is the
The sky

The sky is a suspended blue ocean.
The stars are the fish
They  swim.

The planets are the white whales

I sometimes hitch a ride on,

And the sun and all light

Have forever fused themselves

Into my heart and upon

My skin.

There is only one rule

On this Wild Playground,

For every sign of it r
eads the same.

They all say, "h
ave fun, my dear; my dear, have fun,
In the beatiful creation game,

A wonderful

Time spent with family

Spending time with my family feels like floating
on peace and loving sea of clouds.
We have an electric storm that come through
lighting up the sky give us the water of life.
I feels safe and warm centered in my heart.
When  i spend a loving peaceful time with family.
Gone of the worried and the panic of the old world.
My main part of my day is sending love to mother earth and
Sending healing for all whom need this in the world.
I live with in a heart light and fulled with love.
Grace is flowing throughout the world just open your
hearts and live and drink the pure grace that is coming to us.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

What is the color of the wind

In a world i live in that is full of blue and grey very different from when i was still a child, when i used to chase butterflies in a green grass. What a bright color they would make. The summer time where everything is bright, the grass greener and the rainbow after that summer rain. Sometimes i do need a touch of those colors to make me feel alive and fresh, something that will provide that missing piece inside me. I bring to you the colors of the wind

Ii sometimes feel as if my mood changes with them, happiness and lots of fun, sunshine my favorite color, floats, warmth and the feel of sun, feel of rain  i like this one. These are my colors of the wind. I am sure we have all seen them in the sky.

And i hope all your days have a bright glow do you know why? Because sunshine has a healing effect. I want to feel good and have a good effect, grey skies have a downing effect. I want nothing to darken my mood and affect...

If i were the boss..

I have never worked in my life and it already feels wierd to me the fact that bosses are so distant from their workers. The fact that bosses look down on their workers and they under pay them. I hate that bosses do not take into consideration other people's abilities capabilities. If i would own a company or manage people i would not be a boss rather a leader for a leader knows other's intelligence and takes it into consideration. A leader is a psychologist because he/she would know each of the workers. I would be an inspiration someone people would look up to. I would be a disciplinarian and sometimes a friend. I would be an organiser and a check upper. I would be a kind of boss people would not be afraid of. I would not look down on them like most so called "bosses" do. The kind of a boss who will not be jelous when one of his workers progresses instead be a motivation and a mentor. Because being a boss is often associated with power i read something interesting that goes: "knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom; mastering others is strenghth; mastering yourself is true power."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two people came out of a building into a story

Sipho was young man from Mthatha, a first born to his parents who were so proud of having a son who was going to bring them "umakoti" a daughter in law and they could not wait to see their first grandchild. Sipho was a laid back, very respecting young man. People he grew up with knew he was only happy when Bongani his best friend was around. He didi not do all the things that other young man his age were doing, things like standing in a corner smoking and chasing after girls. Sipho was always at home either helping around the home or just chatting with his sisters. One day his father called him by the kraal and said " Sipho my son your mother has been doing all the work around this home all by her self and we are not getting any younger, we would like before we die to at least see our grandchild. You should take a wife." Sipho was very nervous he always knew that the day would come but not this soon he thought. His father told him that everything has been taken care of he should just bring the wife home. During supper time Sipho was quiet at the table, so many things were running through his mind, when he finished he rushed to his hut and lied on his bed.

He thought about lot of things his family, friends the village what would they say if they knew what was on his mind right now? but he not going to sacrifice his happiness because of them. He went ot his friends place to tell him what his father had said to him. In the morning he came out of his hut very happy nad told his father that he bought the love of his life home. His father was more than happy. He called everybody, the uncles neibours and friends for his only son was getting married. His mother prepared the traditional attire for the bride and it was time for the bride to be taken out of the hut. Every body gathered around the hut ululating and chanting traditional songs. Sipho went in his hut to take his bride and he came holding Bongani's hand out of the building into a story!!

Designer PR

I do not know what designer pr is but i can see that we are living in a world where digital technology is rapidly taking over our lives. It is all over that in ten years time we will not be using papers or books anymore. It is a challenge for us Public Relations Practitioners.


You know, I sure don´t like to go through difficult times.

It is hard, it hurts, it is confusing, it challenges my faith and if hard enough, even my beliefs. It makes me feel bad and get sick of myself when I fail.

But it also makes me spend more time on my knees, praying, seeking the Lord. It makes me realize once again that I can´t make it on my own, that I MUST learn to trust in Him. It teaches me about God, His love and His wisdom. It makes me see Him in everything, His hand orquestrating every situation to give me His will.

I don´t like trials, but I sure can see why I need them. God is molding me in His hands, making me the christian He wants me to be, for His honor, glory and for His use. That I may be the vessel He wants me to be.

Things are lighting up and I am excited. What is God doing in your life? What trials is He using to make you what He wants you to be?

I am....

I am Nomnqweno Msenge born in Cape Town but had the opportunity of being raised in both Cape Town and in Eastern Cape. Having been in both these different provinces has taught me a lot about balancing my life culturally and socially. It has made me realise that i am more than just my identity. Being bought up in Khayelitsha and in rural areas does not make me any less of a person, i can and will be what i want to be in life. I am a determined young woman, very proud of where i come from for it has made the person i am today. I have met many people through the journey of life who are so embarrased  to stand up in a crowd of people and just say who they are and where they come from because they are ashamed and they see their identities as bad as compared to those of their friends. Do we really have to be identified by our backgrounds? Do we have to be judged because we do not come from a certain place or side of life? Not, thought so too. You cannot chooose your family that is a fact. Life is more than that. We are all the same and equal in the eyes of God let us learn to love and appreciate one another and accept each other's differences. We are more than just our identities. "Treasure the little that you have, work on it be happy and appreciate life"