Monday, May 28, 2012

Fish falling from the sky.

This sounds wierd how can fish from the sky?
I look at it in a different pespective, there is another ocean that we tend to forget about which is the sky which is a suspended blue ocean. The stars are the fish, they  swim.

The planets are the white whales i
sometimes hitch a ride on, the sun and all light have forever fused themselves into my heart and upon my skin. There is only one rule on this wild playground, for every sign of it reads the same.

They all say, "h
ave fun, my dear, have fun,
In the beatiful creation game a wonderful game." I know you might no understand this but please try to look up in the sky and see if its not as refreshing as the breeze of the ocean.

The color of the wind.

In a world i live in that is full of blue and grey very different from when i was still a child, when i used to chase butterflies in a green grass. What a bright color they would make. The summer time where everything is bright, the grass greener and the rainbow after that summer rain. Sometimes i do need a touch of those colors to make me feel alive and fresh, something that will provide that missing piece inside me. I bring to you the colors of the wind

Ii sometimes feel as if my mood changes with them, happiness and lots of fun, sunshine my favorite color, floats, warmth and the feel of sun, feel of rain  i like this one. These are my colors of the wind. I am sure we have all seen them in the sky.

And i hope all your days have a bright glow do you know why? Because sunshine has a healing effect. I want to feel good and have a good effect, grey skies have a downing effect. I want nothing to darken my mood and affect...

Is it Ohk to cry?

This came to mind when a good old male friend of mine cried in front of me, because he is going through some terrible things at the moment. I grew up knowing that a man is not supposed to cry. But is it really the case? No! To me crying is a natural sign of strong emotion, though not just of grieving. People cry for joy, empathy, stress, anger, fear and grief, and probably other things too. The times when I might judge someone for crying would be whenever strong emotion isn't helpful or appropriate. Like, if someone cried in a meeting at work, I'd probably think that person needed to get a grip, but I'd think the same thing if someone shouted and screamed in a of the most touching things is to see a man cry...I think it does show strength, and someone who is not afraid to show their feelings. Wich a lot of men are accused of not doing. Just because a man cries, does not mean that he is not a man, or not macho, it just means he knows how to show feelings.
I also agree with Misty, that there may be inappropriate times for a man or anyone to cry...and if it is way over the top, then I would think there was something off about them, and that they need to get a hold of themselves or possibly go see a professional, because maybe they have issues.

Monday, March 26, 2012

If i were the boss..

I have never worked in my life and it already feels wierd to me the fact that bosses are so distant from their workers. The fact that bosses look down on their workers and they under pay them. I hate that bosses do not take into consideration other people's abilities capabilities. If i would own a company or manage people i would not be a boss rather a leader for a leader knows other's intelligence and takes it into consideration. A leader is a psychologist because he/she would know each of the workers. I would be an inspiration someone people would look up to. I would be a disciplinarian and sometimes a friend. I would be an organiser and a check upper. I would be a kind of boss people would not be afraid of. I would not look down on them like most so called "bosses" do. The kind of a boss who will not be jelous when one of his workers progresses instead be a motivation and a mentor. Because being a boss is often associated with power i read something interesting that goes: "knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom; mastering others is strenghth; mastering yourself is true power."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Two people came out of a building into a story

Sipho was young man from Mthatha, a first born to his parents who were so proud of having a son who was going to bring them "umakoti" a daughter in law and they could not wait to see their first grandchild. Sipho was a laid back, very respecting young man. People he grew up with knew he was only happy when Bongani his best friend was around. He didi not do all the things that other young man his age were doing, things like standing in a corner smoking and chasing after girls. Sipho was always at home either helping around the home or just chatting with his sisters. One day his father called him by the kraal and said " Sipho my son your mother has been doing all the work around this home all by her self and we are not getting any younger, we would like before we die to at least see our grandchild. You should take a wife." Sipho was very nervous he always knew that the day would come but not this soon he thought. His father told him that everything has been taken care of he should just bring the wife home. During supper time Sipho was quiet at the table, so many things were running through his mind, when he finished he rushed to his hut and lied on his bed.

He thought about lot of things his family, friends the village what would they say if they knew what was on his mind right now? but he not going to sacrifice his happiness because of them. He went ot his friends place to tell him what his father had said to him. In the morning he came out of his hut very happy nad told his father that he bought the love of his life home. His father was more than happy. He called everybody, the uncles neibours and friends for his only son was getting married. His mother prepared the traditional attire for the bride and it was time for the bride to be taken out of the hut. Every body gathered around the hut ululating and chanting traditional songs. Sipho went in his hut to take his bride and he came holding Bongani's hand out of the building into a story!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How hard it is to follow instructions.

I think no one really enjoys following instructions. We often become frustrated when we fail to do so. Honestly, most of us prefer to use their own ideas, opinions or thoughts how to solve a problem or to work on a project. We don't really like people telling us what to do.

With that I don't mean that instructions are completely wrong but I need to understand why I should follow and how I can apply them. In a perfect world, instructions are only made for one reason because someone before you found a 'good' way in dealing with a project.

But I definitely condemn submissive behaviour. Being obedient means not being an independent-mindet and critical thinking individual.

We always need room for our personal freedom, creativity and thoughts. Otherwise there would be no learning, no progress and no development in our world.