Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am....

I am Nomnqweno Msenge born in Cape Town but had the opportunity of being raised in both Cape Town and in Eastern Cape. Having been in both these different provinces has taught me a lot about balancing my life culturally and socially. It has made me realise that i am more than just my identity. Being bought up in Khayelitsha and in rural areas does not make me any less of a person, i can and will be what i want to be in life. I am a determined young woman, very proud of where i come from for it has made the person i am today. I have met many people through the journey of life who are so embarrased  to stand up in a crowd of people and just say who they are and where they come from because they are ashamed and they see their identities as bad as compared to those of their friends. Do we really have to be identified by our backgrounds? Do we have to be judged because we do not come from a certain place or side of life? Not, thought so too. You cannot chooose your family that is a fact. Life is more than that. We are all the same and equal in the eyes of God let us learn to love and appreciate one another and accept each other's differences. We are more than just our identities. "Treasure the little that you have, work on it be happy and appreciate life"

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