Monday, April 4, 2011

What is the color of the wind

In a world i live in that is full of blue and grey very different from when i was still a child, when i used to chase butterflies in a green grass. What a bright color they would make. The summer time where everything is bright, the grass greener and the rainbow after that summer rain. Sometimes i do need a touch of those colors to make me feel alive and fresh, something that will provide that missing piece inside me. I bring to you the colors of the wind

Ii sometimes feel as if my mood changes with them, happiness and lots of fun, sunshine my favorite color, floats, warmth and the feel of sun, feel of rain  i like this one. These are my colors of the wind. I am sure we have all seen them in the sky.

And i hope all your days have a bright glow do you know why? Because sunshine has a healing effect. I want to feel good and have a good effect, grey skies have a downing effect. I want nothing to darken my mood and affect...

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