Friday, October 28, 2011

200 Achievements!!

1.      Being born in 04-08-1987
2.      I Passed My Matric with good results i think
3.      I did my three years like i planned in Tertiary
4.      I got a certificate as one of the top three Communication Science Students
5.      Got my Diploma in 2009
6.      Qualifying for Btech
7.      Accepted at CPUT to do my Btech
8.      Got to 21 years without being on a bad side of my parents
9.      Being asked to do a speech on 21st birthday
10.  Being able to buy myself a cellphone with my own money
11.  Getting a place to do my inservice training
12.  Getting my first salary
Still trying to achieve more in my life hoping to get to 200 by next year….

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