Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About Me


This is usually very tricky for me whem someone ask who am i. To keep it simple, i think of myself as a laidback, sweet, honest and a loving person. I love people seeing them happy and making them happy makes me happy and humbles me. Some of my friends think i am stubborn, opinionated and proud lol. I have seen a lot through the journey of life and i continue to learn. I'm not perfect and i do not live to be nor will i pretend to be someone i'm not. I do not like to be around people who are always negetive. I am a motivated and determined person.
My social views are conservative, my political views are liberal. I chose to study PR 5 years ago because i loved the communication side of it, and i was interested in marketing and advertising. That is basically where i would like to see myself doing. I am a strong believer in Christ who infuses the strength in me.

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  1. you are true to yourself, well done you made a good point about yourself.