Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be Greatful.

I've read thIs somewhere jus wanted to share.....

There was a blind gal who hated herself and evry1, except her loving boyfrnd who always ther 4 her.

She told her boyfrnd, if i cud only c the world i wl marry u.

One day... Someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to c everythng, including her bf.

He asked her " now that u can c da world standwa sam wil u marry me?"

the gal looked at her bf & saw that he was blind, the sight of hs closed eyelids shockd her. She hasnt expected that, the thot of lookin at them the rest of her lyf led her to refuse to marry him.

Her bf left in tearz & days later he left a note to her saying " take gud care of my eyes, before they wer yourz they wer mine"

Ths is how human brain often works wen our status changes, only a few remembr wat life was b4 & who was always by their side in the most dark and painful situations....

Life is a gift we shud embrace it.

Today b4 u say any cruel word, thnk of sum1 who cnt speak.

B4 u complain about ur taste of ur food, thnk of sum1 who has nthng to eat.

B4 u complain about ur woman/man thnk of sum1 who's cryng to God for a companion.

B4 u complain about hw unfair lyf is, thnk of some1 who neva had an opportunity to live so long as u.

B4 u complain about your parents, thnk of sum1 who neva knew theirs.

B4 u complain & tired of your job. Thnk of those unemployed, disabled and those who wish they had yo own.

B4 u complain abt costy ur children are, thnk of sum1 who desires children bt they re barren.

B4 u argue about ur dirty house sum1 ddnt clean o swp, or complainin abt how small is it, thnk of those ppl who lives in da streets.

And wen depressing thots seem to get u down, put a smile on ur face and thank God u are live and stil around...

If My Life Was A Song. The Title Would B GrateFul!!!

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