Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life is about experiencing new things

I just watched the movie, The life of Benjamin Button, featuring Brad Pitt and remembered that life is about experiencing new things and not taking the people in it for granted. I thank God everyday for what he has blessed me with and the lessons I have learnt and have yet to learn.
Experiencing new things, is what I love about life. I make a point of doing this at least once or twice a month if not more from eating at a new restaurant, to going to go watch a show at the artsacape to trying a new club to party at, to helping out at a charity.
In my life so far and where I am at, I want to make sure that if I had to look back, I wouldn’t hear myself saying what if but why not! Brad Pitt or Benjamin Button character says in a letter to his daughter for her to live a full life and don’t be afraid of change, it is never too late. So please go out and try some sushi or take that trip in July to travel or spend it doing a missionary mission in Mozambique.
What ever it is just make sure you will look back one day and smile! :)

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  1. I relate greatly to this blog. Try moving around the country, meet new people and then on a later stage move out of the country.

    great blog girl. keep it up