Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?

For me Stepping off a 100-feet pole means to take a risk. This is when you have been pondering about doing something, procrastinating, thinking and deciding and rethinking your options. Stepping off the 100-feet pole means that you finally say GO! to yourself. You do not know the outcome and you might fail and hit the ground hard, but you take that step with courage in your heart.
It also means starting over – you have reached that top position in your company and then you get retrenched or you make a drastic career change. Or you finished your BTech degree in Public Relations and then you start studying in another industry all over again. You literally need to start climbing from the pavement again, step by step.
But at this moment in time, it has a specific meaning to my life. Climbing up the pole means counting down the days and waiting in anticipation until someone returns to you. When they return, you have reached the top of the pole and you stay there for as long as you can – viewing the world like never seen before, holding on to each moment of togetherness. Stepping off that 100-feet pole (for me) was to say goodbye and hitting the bottom ground along with the departure.
How do you step off that 100-feet pole and survive the fall? You get right up and start climbing all over again. Just like song says:
“I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never gonna keep me down”
I’m glad to announce that I am climbing again! Up… up… up… up…
I’m on my second step (day) up the pole of return and counting down the days untill I need to take that leap again. What pole are you climbing? Or are you standing at the top… pondering… trembling…

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