Sunday, April 3, 2011


You know, I sure don´t like to go through difficult times.

It is hard, it hurts, it is confusing, it challenges my faith and if hard enough, even my beliefs. It makes me feel bad and get sick of myself when I fail.

But it also makes me spend more time on my knees, praying, seeking the Lord. It makes me realize once again that I can´t make it on my own, that I MUST learn to trust in Him. It teaches me about God, His love and His wisdom. It makes me see Him in everything, His hand orquestrating every situation to give me His will.

I don´t like trials, but I sure can see why I need them. God is molding me in His hands, making me the christian He wants me to be, for His honor, glory and for His use. That I may be the vessel He wants me to be.

Things are lighting up and I am excited. What is God doing in your life? What trials is He using to make you what He wants you to be?

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