Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye!!

He was someone’s son, brother, friend and uncle. And he was taken from us in a very brutal way.

Now it is all about asking questions and try and understand, but we will never get the right answers…someone came and took this super hero’s life from him when he couldn’t protect his own.

The most difficult part of saying goodbye is seeing those closest to him become weak, have no control over their emotions. For me it will always be the father figure who has to be the strongest and to see such a strong man crumble of pain really bring one back to reality…people die, but why?
Who gives someone else the right to come and take someone’s life, don’t they realise that person has a family and friends who will be left behind with sadness and questions…and that bring me to the thought of are we giving them the right to destroy what is ours, why don’t we fight back and claim our safety back, what are our world coming to and why are we letting it go this far?

He was a legend and may his legendary memories live on forever…as they said on his funeral, forget me not but let me go…we will never forget the good times.

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