Thursday, September 29, 2011

Conventional is a good fall back position.

Yes, conventional is a good fallback position because then you don’t stir the water, but you loose out on life’s excitement and experiences.

Who wants to loose out on the excitements and experiences life surprises you with…I for one, would rather take the up’s and down’s and curveballs life throws at me than be conventional. How boring mustn’t it be just to be who you are and nothing more or nothing less…being too afraid of trying something new, stepping away when someone gives you a challenge because your too afraid of failure.

Haven’t anyone told you that failure and disappointment is all part of life…yes we get hurt but that is the only way we learn how to do it better and become stronger. Life has so much excitement and experience that we must grab onto, test and enjoy and the last thing we must be is conventional…stir the water it may even become a storm, no matter how stormy the weather is, there is always sunshine on the horizon.

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