Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding cake in the middle of the road

I think this means story time…
It’s the day of the wedding and Betony, the wedding coordinator, is praying for the day to end and for this wedding to end. Betony has had the worst time arranging the wedding  as she had to deal with a bride and groom from hell, A.K.A Bridezille and Groomzille.
So many changes were made all the time that nothing was set in stone until about a week ago. Everything had to be done in a very short period of time and Betony had conquered it all, well the only thing left was picking up the wedding cake.
The wedding starts in half an hour and Betony is on the way back with the cake in her van when she realises she has flat tyre. She calls a friend to come help her change the tyre and decides to remove the cake from the van to do so. Luckily it was easy to move cause it was on a tray with wheels. Whilst the wheel is being removed and fitted with a new one a slight breeze comes past at the same time the bride’s limo drives past and realises her weeding cake in the middle of the road.
What do you think happened to Betony?

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