Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A letter to ME!!

Don't Worry I'm Fine:
Thanks for Asking

Dear Nomnqweno,

      You need this because right now, no one else will. You've worked so hard throughout your life, and all of the hard work will pay off. You're gonna be stronger as a person and more apt at dealing with things. Remember that just because nobody tells you doesn't mean you're not beautiful. Whenever you feel ugly, remember the feeling you get when the sun shines brightly on your face. It's okay to feel needy sometimes. It's okay to want more than what you have. It's okay to want to hear that you're beautiful, just know that when it doesn't come, you're still beautiful anyway. It's okay to want someone to hold the door open and let you in first and it's okay to want someone to open the car door for you. Just know that when they don't, you can do it yourself-- you're perfectly capable. It's okay that you want nothing more than for someone to tell you that the sound of your voice, your smile. or even just your prescence brightens their day. And when they don't, remember the feeling you get when you look into your own eyes-- it's all you baby. Don't expect anyone to look into your eyes and plan their future with you in it. Nomnqweno, when you feel like you're being judged, remember the feeling you get looking out at the ocean and realizing that there's a whole world out there. It's okay to want someone to tell you that they want to be with you forever, spend evey single night with you for the rest of time. When they don't, remember that only you can promise yourself forever and that the future must only be written in pencil-- you never know what tomorrow may bring. When you're lying there in his arms, wondering whether or not you really deserve so much more than your small, little world has to offer, remember that it's okay to cry.

                                                            Love always and forever

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