Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A skill set called leadership

I believe this is a very important skill, as BTech student I am learning about what manager role entails and its function within an organisation. As we come to an end of this year, many lecturers are now bringing in what the purpose of what we learnt this year was, from learning about people, cultures, female vs. male race and understanding them. The function of monitoring the media and how to go about filtering through research and endless literature reviews. This all ties in to function of a manager with out all the above mentioned aspects one cannot be one.
It is important not only in industry but in my own life to be a leader- without short and long-term goals one cannot have vision and work towards something, whether it be from job to getting own car. The greatest example of a leader to me is Nelson Mandela. This being that he was a leader for the people, he applied himself fully to what he believed in from way he spoke to people to decision he made in country’s affairs. One can see this through the movie invictus to know what I’m talking about.

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