Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here I stand.

I stand bef0re a f0rk in the r0ad.
Wonderin?. .
Should i g0 left 0r right? Do i venture the path travelled 0r the side that's neva been t0uched?
Either way i d0nt kn0w where i'll end up
S0 i thr0w up my handz as i fall t0 my kneez
Dear Lord hear my cry, for i'm in need. My feet are at a stand still and cant proceed.
I've journeyd s0 far and i've given s0 much. I refuse t0 let my s0ul give up.
Love has dealt me many handz and i've managed alright. .
I'm n0t giving up the fight but this is a p0int 0f no return, that affects the rest 0f my life.
Guide me Lord to where i should be because only You kn0w.
Amen. .

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