Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We are what we do... Are we?

I have seen many people being labeled by what they are or what they have done. If someone had raped he will forever be called "the one who raped" People hold grudges, it is hard for them to let the past be. How can some be motivated to change his/her ways if people cannot motivate him/her. Even when it is clearly written in the bible that "it is not for us to judge" but we do gudge each other. There are criminals who can change their ways if only there were people who tell them that they are not what they do. Because they are called and labelled by what they do they really think that it who they are or what they were meant to be in life. Let us stop labelling people by the wrong things they do it is not for us to judge!!

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  1. great, creative writing girl... now keep the other blogs coming... i see talent in you...