Friday, March 23, 2012

Two people came out of a building into a story

Sipho was young man from Mthatha, a first born to his parents who were so proud of having a son who was going to bring them "umakoti" a daughter in law and they could not wait to see their first grandchild. Sipho was a laid back, very respecting young man. People he grew up with knew he was only happy when Bongani his best friend was around. He didi not do all the things that other young man his age were doing, things like standing in a corner smoking and chasing after girls. Sipho was always at home either helping around the home or just chatting with his sisters. One day his father called him by the kraal and said " Sipho my son your mother has been doing all the work around this home all by her self and we are not getting any younger, we would like before we die to at least see our grandchild. You should take a wife." Sipho was very nervous he always knew that the day would come but not this soon he thought. His father told him that everything has been taken care of he should just bring the wife home. During supper time Sipho was quiet at the table, so many things were running through his mind, when he finished he rushed to his hut and lied on his bed.

He thought about lot of things his family, friends the village what would they say if they knew what was on his mind right now? but he not going to sacrifice his happiness because of them. He went ot his friends place to tell him what his father had said to him. In the morning he came out of his hut very happy nad told his father that he bought the love of his life home. His father was more than happy. He called everybody, the uncles neibours and friends for his only son was getting married. His mother prepared the traditional attire for the bride and it was time for the bride to be taken out of the hut. Every body gathered around the hut ululating and chanting traditional songs. Sipho went in his hut to take his bride and he came holding Bongani's hand out of the building into a story!!

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