Monday, May 28, 2012

Is it Ohk to cry?

This came to mind when a good old male friend of mine cried in front of me, because he is going through some terrible things at the moment. I grew up knowing that a man is not supposed to cry. But is it really the case? No! To me crying is a natural sign of strong emotion, though not just of grieving. People cry for joy, empathy, stress, anger, fear and grief, and probably other things too. The times when I might judge someone for crying would be whenever strong emotion isn't helpful or appropriate. Like, if someone cried in a meeting at work, I'd probably think that person needed to get a grip, but I'd think the same thing if someone shouted and screamed in a of the most touching things is to see a man cry...I think it does show strength, and someone who is not afraid to show their feelings. Wich a lot of men are accused of not doing. Just because a man cries, does not mean that he is not a man, or not macho, it just means he knows how to show feelings.
I also agree with Misty, that there may be inappropriate times for a man or anyone to cry...and if it is way over the top, then I would think there was something off about them, and that they need to get a hold of themselves or possibly go see a professional, because maybe they have issues.

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  1. We all going through tough times in life, so if a women can cry and the man as well. we all deserve to be emotional.